6:15-6.30 Welcome
6:30-7:30 Workshop
7:30-8:30 Presentations
8:30-9:00 Networking

About the event

Barcelona R aims to bring together the R and Data Science community of Barcelona through a fun and social meet-up. This event is free and open to anyone interested to find out exciting ways to use R in data science.

We welcome R users of all levels, data scientists from all backgrounds and simply anyone who is curious to learn more about programming using R and data analysis. During each Barcelona R event we run the following activities:

Coding Workshop

A free workshop that covers one of the many different topics related to R.
This workshop offers an opportunity to learn something new in a practical format of live coding and exercises in R.
Check out below for more details.


We aim to have 2 presentations from active R users.
These presentations show how R is used to solve data science problems or showcase new packages and features.
Check out below for more details.


After the presentations we like to get to know one another through networking. We think that this is a great way to share our experiences of using R in our everyday coding lives and discuss our data science problems.


Introduction to RStudio and Shiny servers

Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection of cloud computing services that use the resources available at Google. GCP offers services via the cloud that access Google’s physical hardware infrastructure such as: computers, hard disk drives, solid state drives and networking. This is a fast and cost effective alternative to having to build and maintain your own physical infrastructure. Read more info here.
  • Topics:
    - Learn how to setup a GCP Virtual Machine instance
  • - Learn how to setup RStudio server
  • - Learn how to setup Shiny server
  • - Learn how host and share your shiny app
  • Delivered by:
    Nicolas Attalides
    Nicolas Attalides
  • Duration:
    60 minutes (in English)
  • Note: For installation/setup instructions please contact me at:


Colin Fay
Colin Fay

Building Production Grade Shiny Apps with {golem}

Colin FAY works at ThinkR, a french agency focused on everything R-related. During the day, he helps companies to take full advantage of the power of R, by providing training (from beginner to expert), tools (packages, shiny apps...) and infrastructure. His main areas of expertise are data & software engineering, web applications, and R in production. During the night, Colin is also an hyperactive open source developer and an open data advocate. You can find a lot of his work on his GitHub account. He is also active in the Data Science community in France, especially in his home town Rennes, where he founded the data-blogging website, co-founded the Breizh Data Club association, and organises the Breizh Data Club Meetups.

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